Easily find a nanny or babysitter in Singapore

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Finding a nanny or babysitter in Singapore has never been easier! Below are 5 tips and considerations to find the ideal nanny or babysitter for your unique family needs.

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  1. Search in your neighbourhood. There are many nannies and babysitters available for child care all over Singapore. Looking for a nanny or babysitter around your home reduces the hassle of transportation and provides for greater flexibility. The ideal nanny or babysitter may even be living in your block!
  2. At your home or at nanny’s place. While temporary babysitters usually take care of your children at parents’ home, many full-time or part-time nannies in Singapore are available for either options. You may prefer your child to get full attention in the comfort of her home or possibly explore and mingle with other kids around at nanny’s home. The choice is yours.
  3. Consider your specific needs. Because every child is different, so are family needs. Your may require care for special needs children or experience with twins or multiples. You may also have specific requirements for your nanny or babysitter, such as cleaning or ironing while baby is sleeping or cooking confinement food during your post-natal recovery.
  4. Full-time, part-time or temporary. To fit your busy family schedule you may need a full-time nanny. Or may be a part-time nanny could be sufficient. Situations may also arise where you need a temporary nanny or a flexible babysitter. Nannies and babysitters are available to suit your unique family needs.
  5. Find a nanny experienced with your child age. Experience is an important factor when choosing a nanny or babysitter. Children develop different skill sets at different ages and therefore require different attention. Some parents may want to select a nanny or babysitter who has experience with children in their child’s respective age group.

Whether you are looking for a temporary babysitter, a part time nanny, or a confinement lady in Singapore, finding the ideal care for your child has never been easier!

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