Direct hire a transfer maid in Singapore (without maid agency)

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Faster, cheaper, better: easy online DIY, 20min paper work, $30 fee, experienced maid, starting next week.

direct hire transfer maid MOM Singapore

Transfer maids are in high demand for good reasons. They are experienced domestic helpers, already in Singapore and able to start quickly. As maid agency fees are notoriously expensive to employers and usually result in a heavy maid’s loan, it is a win-win situation for both employers and domestic helpers. MOM has also made it easier for employers to apply directly for a work permit for a foreign domestic worker.

Advantages of hiring a transfer maid directly

  1. Save big on maid agency fees. Maids agencies are not cheap, charging employers as much as $2,000 to hire a foreign domestic worker (FDW) from Indonesia or the Philippines;
  2. No loan burden on your maid. The lower the maid agency fee paid by the employer, the higher the loan for the maid. Maids loan are unethical and known to be a factor pushing maids to quit before their contract expire;
  3. Maid starts within a week. Mmaids for transfer are able to start within a few days, compared to 10+ weeks waiting time if hired from Indonesia or the Philippines;
  4. Get an experienced domestic helper. When it comes to employment, prior experience is a key selection criteria for most employers, requiring less supervision and training;
  5. Maid is less likely to quit. Foreign domestic workers (FDW) who have been living in Singapore for some time, have adapted to Singapore lifestyle, are less prone to home-sickness, and are able to better communicate in English;

Hire a transfer maid directly in 3 easy steps

Finding and hiring a transfer maid in Singapore has never been easier. It can all be done online at your own convenience, on the go on your smartphone or from the comfort of your home. For direct employers, MOM has also made it easy to apply directly for a work permit for a foreign domestic worker.

Hiring a transfer maid directly follows a simple 3-step process:

  1. Find an available transfer maid online. Start your search here and follow our advice in our article Finding a transfer maid in Singapore (without maid agency).
  2. Interview and select a maid. The interview and selection process is critical to hire the right maid. Read on Interviewing and selecting a maid in Singapore for useful tips and interview questions.
  3. Apply for a work permit for your FDW. It is a straightforward process that may take 20 minutes to complete according to MOM and will cost you only $30 fee. Read our tips Applying for a work permit for your FDW.

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